the perfect problem

Yesterday I was watching a movie and the topic of the ‘perfect’ problem came up. I really liked the definition and idea of the perfect problem and did some more research on its definition. The perfect problem is a new challenge which we could easily set our teeths in for next decennia. If you are stuck in your research, maybe it will also help to understand that you are ‘possibly’ dealing with some sort of the perfect problem which cannot easily be solved with the current approach/ knowledge.

The definition of a perfect problem: is complex and inaccesible scientific content, has a substantial and uncertain time lag between cause and effect, inertia in all the key drivers, psychological barriers etc.. see the full article under this link. If you have a different definition of the perfect problem; please let us know through the ‘submit a paper’

Another perspective of the perfect problem is that they are to big and to familiar, see this presentation