update: a new design approach

update: one of the first articles of inscipa was about reactor designs and a fun way to redesign these kind of reactors

today we want to share this video with you, thorium reactors 

in 2010: Don’t be afraid the subject of nuclear reactor design is to heavy, because that is not the main theme. ‘The emphasis will be on how design was developed, on the changes in direction and progressive focusing, and especially on the overall philosophy which has shaped the design’. This paper is about how new technology can simplify and thus improve designs. It is interesting to read the paper because I think it is applicable to many other domains than nuclear reactor design. It is also easily and personally written and the enthousiasm inspires you. I can only say; enjoy reading and leave a comment if you feel the same. The article is published in Nuclear Engineering and Design 239 (2009) 880-887. ‘The Exciting Journey of Designing an Advanced Reactor’ by Mario D. Carelli : doi:10.1016/j.nucengdes.2008.10.032