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growth of complex networks

It looks like the universe, the internet and our brain grow in a similar way. How cool is that?

And what does that mean, what can we learn from these different ways of growing examples?

see the paper for more background


the structure of scientific revolutions

Thomas Kuhn challenged the idea that science gradually improves. He proved that paradigm shifts happen and lead to totally new ways of science. Although this knowledge maybe is self evident, it still is relevant today

the essay of 210 pages

how to communicate

Marshall Rosenberg developed and interesting model for communication usefull for everyone, especially in case of  conflict

The four basic components are: observations, feelings, needs and request. If you are interesting in the model, follow the link

nonviolent communication


Fundamental ideas on sensemaking in organizations

In this post we address one of the fundamental ideas on how people work in organizations and how people can be steered. Weick’s work is the basis for today’s view on how organizations work

here is the link to the book

and the shorter paper that was applied to the Manch Gulch disaster

and here an extra documentary of Joel Bakan on what corporations are: the documentary

update: a view on the israel american relationship

update: this video gives a thoughtfull history of the palestian-israel conflict. ‘Origins of israel palestinian conflict’ by caspianreport

in 2010:

Did you ever wondered why Palestine and Israel are becoming seperated by a wall. Ever wondered how this non-rational behaviour could occur?

This paper can give you some more insight into the Israel, America, Palestine debacle and all the strange things that occur in Israel. Of course there are many other perspectives too on this issue, if you found a scientific article about it. Let us know

doi: 10.1080/09636410802678031



specialist versus generalist

With todays information overload there is an ongoing battle between chosing to acquire more specific or more general knowledge in which the specific knowledge often is preferred. But what if that specific knowledge is no longer necessary because the technology or the circumstances have changed?

In this article the benefits of being a generalist are described, which we as providers of general information on inscipa of course like

the article

and a short overview of the pro’s and con’s of being a specialist or generalist: an overview





how to cheat

Two researchers made a very interesting test letting students cheat on purpose. This resulted in a very diverse set of cheating methods which can be combined in the resulting security principles or strategies to cheat: exploit the environment, exploit trust, exploit personal skillsets, exploit the human and develop back up plans.

It is inspiring to see the creativity students apply when do are allowed to cheat

the paper

and the anti-dote to cheating is very shortly explained in this video

the anti-dote



the perfect problem

Yesterday I was watching a movie and the topic of the ‘perfect’ problem came up. I really liked the definition and idea of the perfect problem and did some more research on its definition. The perfect problem is a new challenge which we could easily set our teeths in for next decennia. If you are stuck in your research, maybe it will also help to understand that you are ‘possibly’ dealing with some sort of the perfect problem which cannot easily be solved with the current approach/ knowledge.

The definition of a perfect problem: is complex and inaccesible scientific content, has a substantial and uncertain time lag between cause and effect, inertia in all the key drivers, psychological barriers etc.. see the full article under this link. If you have a different definition of the perfect problem; please let us know through the ‘submit a paper’

Another perspective of the perfect problem is that they are to big and to familiar, see this presentation

the failure of established firms

from a reader

What’s inspiring about this paper is that it describes what it takes to develop radical new innovations in companies and society as a whole.  You need new components, but you also need to put these components together in entirely new ways.  Another thing that’s inspiring about this paper is that it (in my opinion) shows clearly how TBM students are needed in an innovative society – they should be the architects of new systems, who use the established technological components of their fellow engineers, but put these pieces together in surprising new ways.

the link

From strategy to business models and tactics

How can you derive your strategy from you company and enable your competitive advantage? To help to understand what strategy is and what it  means for your/ a business, inscipa is offering you this paper


business model innovation: opportunities and barriers

For all the entrepeneurs, innovators and people that like progression, follow the link which will help you to understand the challenges you will face to implement new ideas

terrorist targeting and energy security

if you ever wondered what the effects of terrorists could be on other domains then human life, here is a good example

unfortunately terrorist attacks come to often into the world news when it concerns human victims


a new perspective on project management

The title of the paper is definitely original and catchy for a scientific paper and that’s why we like it

But no only that, the inner message could also be inspiring. It takes project management on a different view, the way you should do at your own research field

so as our slogan goes; want to become brilliant? start reading!!

and the funny title is: ‘Project management: cost, time and quality, two best guesses and a phenomenon, its time to accept other succes criteria’

it is not yet publicly available, sorry

otherwise enjoy reading!

politics and war; when resources come into play

If you wonder when, where and why war’s are started; check the article. Or if you have seen to many movies about international gangs that are selling arms; read the article

It gives you and very interesting background on how violence is related to natural resource and in the end: power

doi:10.1016/S0962-6298(01)00015-4 on books

Althought our initial goal is to focus on those brilliant papers that are written everyday, in the end these good stories will be summarized in a good book. Although it will take a little longer to get through a book, we do not want you to miss out on them to. So let us inform you about a nice book

It is called ‘organization behaviour’ of Robbins Judge, especially chapter 14 on Power and Politics is an interesting read. The chapter is describing the differences between power and leadership. It is interesting because the underlying principles can be observed and used in everyday life. The paper further describes the five bases of power, as well as various influencing tactics and individual and organizational factors that stimulate political behaviour.

All about risks

More and more we become aware of the risks in our surrounding world. If you want to know more on (all) the risks that exist today and all the things that can go wrong, follow the link

Maybe you can foresee the risk that BP didn’t see when it’s oil rick collapsed

Good luck avoiding all those risks!

the wishes of your costumer

A structural paper that gives you extra insight in the wishes and requirements of your costumer. If you want to know more about quality, we too!

a last special thanks to Robert. ‘Quality Function Deployment’ by Anthony Coppola

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