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Bored by music

If you are bored by music, what do you do? Change the scope of music!

Check this funny Ted talk

unboiling an egg

We dedicate a lot of time to making new things. But the opposit can also be very interesting. Unmaking a product is seperating its ‘ ingredients’  back to its original state.

Like for example with this egg

Or by un-building an ink jet printer

What would you like to undo?





change your immune system with cold

Extra ordinary lifestyles can be very inspiring. Wim Hof  ‘the iceman’ has invented from his rather different lifestyle a new way to protect your own immune system.

Check the paper on a cold lifestyle, being different has always benefits

update; reinventing forgotten technologies

The man in the movie re- invented how you could lift heavy weights with only one person. He rebuild Stonehenge on his own. Go Wally Wallington!

the inspiring movie

another interesting invention with (grinded) rock in this video

update 2014: And this man found out how ‘Tims’ Vermeer made his beautiful paintings in the 1600’s

examples of new disruptive innovations

no more plastic bottles

reading differently

energy from the sea


will extremes in research lead to breakthroughs?

In this medical research on people with diabetes type II, with an extreme diet researchers found an reverse in illness. Seven out of ten people recovered from having diabetes after they went on an extreme diet.

Will the research of extremities lead us to more discoveries than incremental/ carefull research?

a description of the knowledge

the full study


a broader perspective through the camera

In this video, camera techniques are shown that offer a broader perspective on what is already there but what you can’t see through your own eyes

Micro fotography, telelenses, time-lapses and slow motion

the video

and what you see is transformed into words

the descriptive camera of Matt Richardson

aging cells is reversible

Insight of this new research can be found in this short copied description was can be inspiring for you:

‘They then proceeded to the reprogramming of these cells in vitro.  As this was not possible with conventional preparation containing four genetic factors (OCT4, SOX2, KLF4 and MYC C), they have added two more (NANOG and LIN28). With this new “cocktail” of six ingredients, the reprogrammed senescent cells have reacquired the characteristics of pluripotent stem cells of embryonic type, retaining no trace of their earlier age’

the french link

freakonomics; applying economics out side ‘the box’

Following the wikipedia description about freakonomics; ‘Levitt, an expert who has already gained a reputation for applying economic theory to diverse subjects not usually covered by “traditional” economists‘ . They show how interesting it is to apply domain specific theories and knowledge to other domains far outside the original research. Maybe you are inspired and start to apply it even to your own research

powerpoint is evil!

The scientific paper is not found yet but here is a summary which is also very interesting and I don’t want you to miss it

article powerpoint is evil

how we use pigs in common day life

You probably never wondered what happens with a pig after he has been used for its meat production, but here is a short movie that gives more insight into the products that we use today

we derived two lessons from the movie:

1) we are learning to recycle/ utilize almost all waist we produce therebye closing the recycle loop that can be found in nature (although it still remains questionable how we can use leftover products properly without damage to our own environmental health)
2) always ask yourself whenever you use ‘something’: were does it comes from and where does it go to?

Maybe it’s use to you, maybe it is not but enjoy the video

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