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All types of maths

Interesting to look at what maths actually is and how maths is segmented in all kinds of variations. Is this the same for other areas of science? And where are crossovers found? See the movie for the map of Maths

below absolute 0 Kelvin

It happened! What you would not expect is still possible. In an experiment scientists measured a temperature under the absolute temperature point of zero Kelvin (0 K). Science keeps surprising.



growth of complex networks

It looks like the universe, the internet and our brain grow in a similar way. How cool is that?

And what does that mean, what can we learn from these different ways of growing examples?

see the paper for more background


half of scientific papers is not read

Interesting article about the need and effectiveness of publishing papers. Why would scientist spend so much time on writing papers while most are not read expect for the reviewers and journal editors?

half of papers unread

Research that makes people laugh

Since 1991 there are alternative nobelprices awarded.  Often about research that make people laugh and than think. For example the bra that can be turned into a mouth cap. Find all the winners under this link



what can go wrong while doing science?

A lot can go wrong according to these funny stories

check them out!



online innovation station

Want to see the best movies about innovation? Follow this link

The online innovation station



decreasing quality of science

The pressure for researchers to produce new papers harms the quality of science. This newsarticle of Nature shows that most research projects are not reproducable, one of the basic principles of science. What will be the consequence of this trend of decreasing quality of Science?





graphic phd thesis

Absolutely mesmerizing graphic design combined with a …. phd thesis on different ways of seeing!  See here and here for more pictures

re-inventing normal

Very interessant video on normal and a funny way of looking at normal things


what is science actually?

To have an overview on what science actually is, read this nice blog about it. Shortly summarized:

Science is a framework, or a methodology, for looking at the world around us and putting forth our best efforts to understand this crazy universe we find ourselves in.’

the article

‘false’ rhetoric thinking visualized

Although inscipa prefer’s the written word because it gives more room for developing your own ideas, you should not miss out other great ideas like this visualization of ‘wrongful’ thinking

the link

update: the nine circles of scientific hell on the things you can do wrong in science!

learning for free

We would like to share more than inspiring scientific papers and therefore you can find here some links for free learning

MIT online lessons where you can earn official certificates

Online academic education

Language lessons

more language lessons and some tips from a guy that speaks 32 languages Ioannis Ikonomou: ‘fall in love with the language and live and breath everything connected to it’ ‘try to live like a native of that language’


codecademy or harvard introduction to programming

If we should add some new links, let us know!

update: barrier to knowledge sharing removed

If you would like to read all papers on inscipa but you can’t, please go to this site, thanks


Finally public paid research becomes public available if we have to believe British officials

improve your cognitive toolkit

some answers on the question;


can be found here

scientific movies instead of papers

Under the link you  can find a ‘semi’  scientific way of approaching open mindfulness, enjoy watching

Wrong generalization in research

A paper on the mistakes/ mis intepretations that are made by researchers around the world. Can we say something about the world outside our experiment and how should we do this?

The answer can be found under this link


a model of dynamic knowledge creation

How is knowledge made and used in a company? In today’s society, knowledge is one of the key drivers of our economy. Knowledge (on something) is for everyone important, inscipa also helps to share knowledge. The article helps to manage and create new knowledge, which is always nice


two views of brain functioning

If we know how we think, then we will have a new key to society’s development.

More interesting though is the step by step comparison between two totally different scientific views on the same subject. That makes it interesting to read and can provide that reflective insight that is probably also needed in other fields than cognitive sciences

a new way to tackle problems

What is amazing about this paper is the number of co-authors  (34) and the international dimension of this projects. Researchers over the whole world worked on a new simulating model to better approach some problems in physics. We can definitely learn from their approach and maybe even apply it to our own scientific challenges. It is less important what they did but rather focus on how they did it.

‘Geant 4- a simulation toolkit’ by Rybin et al. 2003

everything is already invented

In the link you can find a nice wiki piece that describes the basis for new inventions,

it actually says that if you have a problem (don’t call the a-team) that the solution is already invented, you just need to find it. And if you want to know more on the 40 principles of invention, follow the link

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